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How Yoga Helped Me Be Less of a Perfectionist

If you know me well, you know that I may be a little…teeny tiny bit…of a perfectionist.  I can’t help myself sometimes. I swear it’s just written into my DNA!  On a micro level, it can slow down my productivity.  On a macro level, it can be exhausting.  I’ve been trying to manage it for my whole life it seems. However, I had a realization at yoga today that I had never considered before: practicing yoga gives me permission to be less of a perfectionist.

Yoga is about being in the moment.  It’s about falling out of a pose if you need to – and getting right back up to try it again.  It’s about observing yourself with no judgement.  When I’m in downward dog and a yoga teacher says, “the goal is to get your heels reaching toward the ground but it’s OK if they don’t touch the ground,” I smile.  I can’t touch the ground with my heels and it’s OK!  My favorite part about practicing yoga (besides that it makes me feel healthy physically and mentally) is that I get to pat myself on the back for just showing up.  This is one of the few things in life where I allow myself to just be.

Giving yourself permission to be happy, be yourself, and focus on what you do well is something I coach my clients to do.  Even though I didn’t realize it, yoga has been teaching me this lesson for years.  When I practice this one activity, I give myself permission to be happy with who I am.  Even if I’ll never be able to hold certain poses well, I’m still making progress.   I enjoy the journey, without judging the outcome. 

I need to remember this during those moments in life where I hold myself up to unrealistic expectations.  Nobody is perfect – that’s what makes us interesting!

Do you have outlets that help you manage perfectionistic tendencies? What are other ways you can give yourself permission to just be?

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Strengths-based Coach and Owner of Glass Always Full.

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