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Where Does Nostalgia Fit in the Business World?

Where Does Nostalgia Fit in the Business World?

A future-thinking mind is one of my top strengths when it comes to my personal and professional life.  I draw upon this trait easily to inspire myself and others with hope and enthusiasm when looking toward the future.  However, because it comes so naturally to me I sometimes struggle with those who tend to look backward.  I get an image of my smiling four-year-old niece running forward but looking sideways – isn’t she worried about crashing because she doesn’t have her eyes fixed on the path in front of her?

I think there is balance to be learned from this.  The one thing that makes me want to hold onto the past is the memory of my dad.  Today, he would have turned 61.  Launching my own company has been bittersweet without him because we used to have so much fun talking about work together.

As I sit here feeling nostalgic, I wonder how I can fit the past into my goals for the future.  How can I honor him and his successes with my own goals and ambitions?  This isn’t a place that comes naturally to me – I tend to run forward as quickly as I can with my eye on whatever prize is next.  In a fast-paced world there may be some merit to spending time reflecting on the nostalgia that fuels you.

I imagine the next step would be to put it in action.  Perhaps it looks like trusting in your instincts even though you’re not sure where they came from. Maybe it’s all about telling stories about the past to inspire others to move forward on their own paths. Or rather, perhaps it shows up when you make a hard business decision, and you feel thankful that you have learned from the mistakes of others.

My favorite place to think is by the water – I love the calm of the ocean sounds drowning out everything else around me.  I plan to spend some time today thinking about how I can interweave the past with my future.  I look forward to the strength and insight it will give when making decisions about my business and my life in general.

How does nostalgia impact your business decisions?  What does it look like when you draw from the past to inform your future?

About The Author

Page Patten
Strengths-based Coach and Owner of Glass Always Full.


  • Stuti Dhandhania on April 5, 2017

    Such a beautiful blog.

    The way I see the past impact my future is my experience. I am who I am, greatly because of the experiences I have had- and there is no way to leave that behind when making a decision for the future- consciously or unconsciously.

    • Page Patten on April 5, 2017

      Thank you for your insightful feedback, Stuti! I agree that our experiences — both good and bad — play a great role in shaping our decisions. Since I know how much you love to travel (me too!), I would venture to say this plays a very large role in shaping your experiences from different perspectives that others may never get to encounter. I love this about you!

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