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Building Trust in the Workplace

I recently finished the book Strengths Based Leadership, which gives case studies of successful leaders and how they use their natural talents to build successful teams.  I devoured these stories! However, what especially interested me is the research that identified four basic needs that a team looks for in a leader: Trust, compassion, stability, and […]

Where Does Nostalgia Fit in the Business World?

Where Does Nostalgia Fit in the Business World? A future-thinking mind is one of my top strengths when it comes to my personal and professional life.  I draw upon this trait easily to inspire myself and others with hope and enthusiasm when looking toward the future.  However, because it comes so naturally to me I […]

Practicing Empathy

Do you have Empathy® as a dominant talent theme? Empathy is one of those themes that concerns people if they don’t have it in their list of “top five” when they first discover their talents.*  “I always thought of myself as an empathetic person!”  However, many of us – including myself – may not be fully aware […]


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